Cybersecurity is a Global Imperative


Announcing the Creation of the
ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance

Joining Forces to Lead a Cybersecurity Movement 

Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities are clear and present dangers to our facilities, our processes, and the safety of our communities.  

In today’s connected world, every digital device is a potential vulnerability point. Recent attacks on safety systems in multiple industries have proven that threat actors have the capability and motivation to cause significant physical damage and put lives at risk.  

Governments around the world are becoming more concerned about the impact of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to critical infrastructure applications. Regulatory activity is ongoing, and experienced technical experts need to weigh in on how those regulations are crafted and implemented. We can't approach this unilaterally—we can only approach it together. Our voices need to be heard.  

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Join the Alliance

Your expertise is needed.

We are at a crossroads in our fight against cybersecurity vulnerabilities and attacks. It’s no longer enough to assess risk and adjust our internal processes behind closed doors. It’s time to bring your expertise to the table.  

That’s why we’ve created the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance. Industry needs an inclusive, open, and collaborative initiative that moves us all forward.

We won’t win this fight by standing alone. We will win by joining together. If we leverage our collective intelligence and experience, we will jump-start a revolution that results in a safer, more secure world.  

The Foundation of Our Work: ISA/IEC 62443

The World’s Only Consensus-Based Automation and Control Systems Cybersecurity Standards  

Industries have long relied on global standards to solve technical problems and bring consistency to process and product design. Leveraging industry standards increases productivity, lowers costs, and keeps people, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings safe. The ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards is the world’s only consensus-based cybersecurity standard for automation and control system applications. These standards codify hundreds of years of operational technology and IoT cybersecurity subject matter expertise.

The standards define requirements and procedures for implementing electronically secure automation and industrial control systems and security practices and assessing electronic security performance. The series approaches the cybersecurity challenge in a holistic way, bridging the gap between operations and information technology; and between process safety and cybersecurity. 

ISA/IEC 62443 Resources

ISAGCA produces free resources to spread awareness about the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards.

ISA is the Home of Industrial Cybersecurity Collaboration

  • ISA developed the UN-endorsed ISA/IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards
  • ISA builds training courses and certificate programs around the standards
  • The Automation Federation, founded by ISA, advocates and collaborates with government agencies to advance cybersecurity initiatives  
  • ISASecure® provides product, system, and development lifecycle certifications
  • and InTech magazine deliver cybersecurity-related news and content 

ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance Fast Facts

  • ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance is a collaborative forum to advance cybersecurity awareness, education, readiness, and knowledge sharing 
  • Membership is open to any organization involved in industrial cybersecurity—end users, automation providers, system integrators, consultants, government agencies, and more 
  • Founding members will establish priorities, but initiatives will include expanding the development and use of industry standards, creating education and certification programs, advocating for cybersecurity awareness and sensible approaches with world governments and regulatory bodies 
  • Contributions are revenue-based and tax-deductible

Objectives of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance

The objectives of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance include the acceleration and expansion of standards, certification, education programs, advocacy efforts, and thought leadership. Member companies will identify and prioritize initiatives, work to proliferate adoption of and compliance with global standards, and contribute to workforce education and certification programs.  

Members of the Alliance will bring their expertise and experience together to:  

  • Increase thought leadership and industry-wide awareness 
  • Expand advocacy and outreach to governments, regulatory agencies, and stakeholder organizations around the world 
  • Accelerate standards development and adoption 
  • Share knowledge and information in an open environment 
  • Extend the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards to relevant markets and develop application guides that help specific industry verticals apply the standards 
  • Expand compliance and prevention initiatives  
  • Provide best practice tools to help companies navigate the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity protection  

Join the Movement: Contact ISA to Learn More

Let’s talk about how your company or organization can join us—contact Rick Zabel at or +1 919 990 9233.

Press and media should contact ISA’s Director of Communications, Morgan Foor, at or +1 919 990 9267.