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Impacting the World of Automation

A megatrend is a shift in behavior or technology that has global impact, crossing multiple industry sectors and disrupting business-as-usual.

Over the years, automation professionals have had a front-row seat and, in many ways, a leadership role in driving change and progress. As ISA reflects on 75 years of rich history, we’re also looking closely at predictions and analysis of what’s next – the megatrends that will shape our world in the days to come.

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Primary Megatrends and Related Analysis

Environmental Safety and Security Evolutions
Engineering design and operations processes will shift, reflecting societal pressures and business drivers

Manufacturing Technology Transformation
New tools will enable rapid and consistent connection, collaboration, and technology development

Standards Under Pressure
Global operations require global standards, but resistance and power struggles could be barriers to success

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Do you believe the trends above will impact your industry in the coming years and decades? What other megatrends do you anticipate?

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