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Globally Transformative Forces Impacting Automation

Megatrends are revolutionary. They are powerful, transformative forces that change the global economy, business, and society. Megatrends both drive and are driven by disruptive innovations.

Henry Ford’s design and production methods are often cited as one of the most significant megatrend achievements of the past. The concepts and goals of Industry 4.0—or, as the World Economic Forum terms it, the Fourth Industrial Revolution—represents a modern megatrend.

When faced with such powerful transformative forces, the options are to change and grow, or die. Innovative manufacturing and production companies are positioning themselves to thrive. 

Using the occasion of its 75th anniversary, ISA is identifying the megatrends impacting the world of automation. Continuing into 2021 and beyond, the ISA Megatrends project will collect and share resources on the trends, disruptions, challenges, and solutions having the greatest effect on industries and industrial professionals around the world. 

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Explore ISA Megatrends and Related Analysis

Standards Under Pressure
Global standards are emerging, driven by Industry 4.0, IIoT, and an influx of open standards-based hardware and software. 

Manufacturing Technology Transformation
Digitalization will accelerate, pushing manufacturers to transform and enabling innovation.  

Environmental, Safety, and Security Evolutions
Societal and business concerns about cybercrime, worker safety, sustainability, and more will require a response. 

What do you think?
Do you believe the trends above will impact your industry in the coming years and decades? What other megatrends do you anticipate?

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