ISA Mission Statement & Strategic Goals

A new year... a new strategic direction for ISA

At the International Society of Automation, we’re charting an exciting new direction to better serve all stakeholders within our ecosystem. Guiding our new course are a series of bold new strategic objectives that will provide the blueprint to make automation safer, more productive, and more efficient.  

As we embark on our transformative journey, we look forward to educating our members, volunteers, and the automation community on our new strategic pathway and the initiatives, advantages, and opportunities it will create.  

Join us as we create a better world through automation!

ISA’s Mission, Vision, and Values In a recent leadership summit, more than 100 of ISA’s dedicated volunteer leaders came together to define new vision and mission statements for the organization.

A Guide to ISA’s Ecosystem ISA’s ecosystem serves the automation community across multiple industries and professions. Learn more about how these diverse groups fit together to create unique value to the organization.

A Quick Start Guide to Understanding ISA’s Strategic Plan Over the next 3–5 years, the International Society of Automation will work to transform ourselves to bring more value than ever to the automation community. This primer will help you understand the pieces and parts of ISA’s Strategic Plan.