ISA’s Online Technician Courses and Recommended Reading

ISA's resources for technicians prepare you to become an ISA Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®). CCSTs are an elite group of automation and control technicians that have proven they possess extensive knowledge of automation and control systems.

You can prepare for your CCST examination by taking courses in our Technician Pathway, including our CCST exam review courses. Learn more about applying to take your CCST exam at

ISA Standards Resources


  • ISA-18 Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries
    The purpose of ISA-18 is to develop standards, technical reports, and guidelines for alarm systems including annunciators, process automation systems, and the general development, design, installation, and management of alarm systems in the process industries. Learn More
  • ISA-84 / 61511 Functional Safety – Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industries
    The documents developed by ISA84 cover the activities involved in the design, operation and maintenance of instrumented systems, from sensor through final element, used to achieve functional safety in the process industries. Learn More
  • ISA-101 Human-Machine Interface
    The ISA101 Committee establishes standards, recommended practices, and/or technical reports pertaining to human-machine interfaces in manufacturing applications. Learn More

Technician Resources

  • ISA-5.1 Instrumentation Symbols and Identification
    This standard is intended to provide sufficient information to enable anyone reading a flow diagram and having a reasonable amount of plant knowledge to understand the means of measurement and control of the process without having to go into the details of the instrumentation that require the knowledge of an instrument specialist Learn More
  • ISA-75 Control Valve Standards
    ISA75 is the parent committee of various subcommittees limited to control valve related standards. Inactivated control valve committees ISA4, ISA39, and ISA59 all chose to join ISA75. Learn More
  • ISA-96 Valve Actuators
    The ISA96 committee develops standards and technical reports related to valve actuation and provides basic requirements for pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and gas over oil actuators. Learn More
  • ISA-105 Commissioning, Loop Checks, and Factory & Site Acceptance/Integration Tests for Industrial Automation Systems
    The ISA105 committee will develop ISA standards documents to provide guidance and education in the areas of its scope and will consider the adoption and subsequent support of appropriate standards from other organizations. Learn More

Additional Learning Opportunities

In addition to our in-person events and training courses, ISA has a wealth of informative and relevant content shared in a multitude of formats. Much of our content is free. We’ve compiled a list of resources for your convenience.

ISA Reference Books
ISA brings you the most authoritative technical resources on process automation, written and reviewed by experts in their fields. Whether you want to expand your skills, create a reference library, or prepare for a CCST, CAP, or CSE exam, ISA has the books you need to take your career to the next level.

ISA Social Media Accounts:
Check out our social media accounts for consumable content, virtual learning options, and general automation news.

ISA Automation Education Network
Visit the Automation Education Network—your portal to an ever-expanding library of webinars created for busy automation professionals. Here, you can access valuable, technical information from leading industry experts to help you stay in tune with trends and changes in the marketplace. Conducted by the International Society of Automation (ISA),, the Automation Federation, ISA100 Wireless, and ISASecure, this integrated lineup of webinars (both live and on-demand) delivers robust, up-to-date content in a fast, convenient format.

ISA Transactions

ISA Transactions, our technical journal, is lauded as the finest journal in the world of automation, covering the science behind measurement, control, and automation trends and techniques. ISA Transactions is a bi-monthly publication available in both print and online versions. Online access is free to ISA Professional Members.  Learn More

Technical Papers
ISA's collection of more than 5,500 technical papers, collected from ISA's renowned events over dozens of years, provides a wealth of information and perspectives from individual presenters and subject matter experts hailing from every country around the world. The technical papers collection is free for ISA members and provided at a modest price per paper for non-members.
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Professional Development Opportunities
Getting involved in ISA can help you enhance your leadership skills and career capabilities - plus, you can build a network of professional contacts and friends to last a lifetime. Investing in your personal and professional development is an often overlooked, but critical, way to get ahead in our industries. 
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ISA Brand Family
Our brand family exists to serve these professionals and their companies.
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