ISA's Strategic Plan: A Roadmap for Creating Our Future  



How We Got Here: Our Strategic Planning Process

Driven by ISA’s volunteer leader input, the Society has developed a Strategic Plan that will guide the organization’s priorities for the next 3-5 years. The Strategic Plan creates continuity and sustainability, ensuring that the Society sets its sights on a compelling vision for the future and aligns its resources to achieve that vision.  

Look at an infographic that summarizes our strategic planning process (best viewed in Chrome or Safari browsers)

ISA’s Strategic Plan: An Infographic Overview

ISA’s strategic plan consists of several important elements:  

  • Vision: An aspirational statement of how the organization will impact the future 
  • Mission: The reason we exist, who we serve, and how we serve them better than anyone else 
  • Values: Guiding principles for the leadership and staff 
  • Objectives: Major accomplishments for our core programs, set by the Executive Board for the 3-year horizon 
  • Goals: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely milestones aimed at advancing the objectives  

Check out the multimedia infographic that summarizes the ISA Strategic Plan (best viewed in Chrome or Safari browsers)

Strategic Plan Infographic

Get Involved: Attend ISA’s Annual Leadership Conference in San Diego

Interested in learning more and getting involved in building ISA’s exciting future? We’ll be talking about the next steps and turning our plans into action at ISA’s Annual Leadership Conference, 25–28 October 2019 at Paradise Point in San Diego, California, USA. Check out the link below to learn more and register to attend! 

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