Get Connected

GET CONNECTED Connect with automation professionals around the world—through geographic sections, technical groups, and events 

ISA Geographic Sections

GEOGRAPHIC SECTIONS Network with professionals in your geographic area ISA Sections engage in the community to provide information, resources, and scholarships to advance the automation profession. By participating in your local Section, you will have opportunities to access resources such as table top exhibits, subject matter experts, networking and leadership opportunities, and local employment opportunities.


  • ISA has more than 200 sections and student sections, each made up of members residing in a specific geographic area or university
  • Sections are located around the world and provide an operating framework for all major society activities
  • Sections are autonomous units and self-governing within the framework of ISA policies. Section members elect officers annually
  • The sections are organized into larger geographic areas known as districts 

Learn more about ISA Sections here.

ISA Technical Divisions

TECHNICAL DIVISIONS & INTEREST GROUPS Network with professionals in your industry ISA Technical Divisions exchange information through exclusive e-mail discussion lists, information-packed newsletters with timely technical articles and news, and access to exclusive Division websites loaded with relevant content. If you're looking to sharpen your leadership skills or help plan and conduct Division events, join a Technical Division committee.


  • The general function of an ISA technical division is to program timely technical papers, short courses, workshops, and like activities that represent the division’s scope at conferences or events
  • Technical Divisions cooperate with one another on programming in areas of mutual interest and provide discerning reviews of papers offered for presentation, discussion, and/or publication
  • Your ISA Membership includes membership in two Technical Divisions
  • Additional Division memberships may be added for $10 each during the renewal process, or by contacting Customer Service

Learn more about ISA Technical Divisions here


  • ISA Technical Interest Groups (TIGs) are groups of professionals aligned by common technical interests, who meet in an electronic community to share information and ideas, discuss topics of interest, and answer questions posed by other community members
  • Currently ISA has one technical interest group—the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) TIG
  • Your ISA membership includes participation in the LDAR TIG. You may sign up during the renewal process or by contacting Customer Service
  • Interested in forming a new TIG? Contact Division Staff

Learn more about ISA Technical Interest Groups here

ISA Conferences & Events

ISA CONFERENCES & EVENTS Exchange ideas, engage with industry professionals, and discover new technologies ISA organizes many regional and international events around the world. By attending an event, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, engage with ISA leaders in policy-setting and strategizing during the annual leadership conference, and discover new technologies alongside some of the brightest minds in the automation industry. Review ISA’s calendar for worldwide events! 


  • ISA’s technical division symposia features keynote speakers, paper sessions, training courses, workshops, exhibit showcases, and networking opportunities
  • Conferences cover industries and topic areas that matter to the productivity and profitability of your company

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