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Plan Your Professional Development with the ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator

This FREE self-assessment tool matches you with training courses, publications, standards, and other resources available from the International Society of Automation⁠—the global leader in industrial automation education!

With the different professional development options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Using the ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator, you can take the guesswork out of which ISA classes to take, which publications are relevant to your skillset, and what standards are available, all based on your skill level. The ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator is always free!

The steps are simple:

1. Fill out your information

2. Select a skill you would like to develop

3. Select your job role

4. Self-assess your proficiency level

5. Get your results and start your journey to becoming more skilled in your chosen area!

The ISA Skills Development Navigator is an easy-to-use, step-by-step tool!

There are 4 steps in the Navigator. If you have a question about the step you are on, you can click on the ? symbol to get additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator

🧭 Can I select multiple skills at the same time?
No. At this time, you can only select one skill at a time, but you can use the ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator as many times as you want.

🧭 I don't see my role listed. What should I do?
The current version of the Navigator has roles for only Technicians and Engineers. More roles will be added in the future.  You can provide feedback in any comment area of the Navigator listing the specific role you would like to see offered in the future.

🧭 What should I do if I'm having problems placing orders with the ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator?
If you have problems ordering any of products that you see listed in your results, please contact our Customer Service Department. They will be able to assist you with placing the order.

You can contact customer service by emailing
info@isa.org or by calling +1 919 549 8411.

🧭 What do I do if a link is broken or if the Navigator is not displaying correctly?
If you experience any technical issues while using this tool, please email mspitler@isa.org . In the subject line, please include ISA Skills Development Navigator.

🧭 Who can I contact if I'm unsure of what to do next or if I have any questions?
If you have any questions of where to go next, please contact our Learning Consultants at trainingsales@isa.org for further guidance.

🧭 How is my personal information going to be used by ISA?
ISA is using the data collected to identify gaps in the industry and improve this tool over time. Your personal information will not be sold to any third party and will not be used by ISA to market to you. For more on ISA’s privacy policy please click here.


Why ISA?

The International Society of Automation is the global leader in industrial automation education. Together with our members and partner organizations, we have developed essential industry standards that have been adopted by organizations such as the United Nations.

We work with industry experts to develop courses and materials that cover the information you need to do your job. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or you have decades of experience, you’ll find coursework that can complement your career and help you achieve even more.

We are constantly updating our products to meet you where you are. With standards, publications, webinars, and training courses available in online and on-demand formats, you can prioritize your professional development on YOUR time.

“These [CAP and CCST] certifications mean something to me. When I see CAP or CCST on a resume, I know what the candidate is capable of. Not only the technical knowledge, but that they have drive and are the type to go the extra mile.”

Matthew Conklin
ECPC President and Senior DeltaV Consultant

“The training that we are taking at ISA is something that we need everyday on a day-to-day basis. From calibrating pressure transmitters to calibrating a run calibration on a rising steam control valve. These courses are a direct relation to what we do every day. The ISA Technician Training Bootcamp is great. Every person I work with should come to this bootcamp.”

Derrick Knight
Maintenance Supervisor
Ascend Performance Materials

Take me to the ISA Skills Development Resource Navigator now!