ISA Virtual Events Program

ISA offers virtual events, including webinars, virtual conferences, and ISA Connect Live, across a variety of topics. Virtual conferences are a safe, convenient alternative to in-person conferences, providing attendees with insight into key operational and business topics through online sessions, panels with live Q&A, virtual exhibits, as well as networking and chat opportunities.

Technical Topics


Explore the critical, dynamic world of automation cybersecurity with ISA’s expert contributors. Learn about threats, emerging protection methods, best practices, fundamentals of the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards, and implementation tips to bring a standards-based approach into your facility. 

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IIoT & Smart Manufacturing

Learn the latest trends and technologies driving the next generation of industrial operations, including the often-mentioned Industrial Internet of Things, data analytics, edge computing, artificial intelligence, leveraging wireless communications, cloud and mobile computing, robotics, and simulations.

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As the world becomes increasingly more connected, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. ISA's digital transformation series provides professionals with real-world applications into the ever-changing digital landscape. Explore the business drivers and case studies for applying technology more efficiently.

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Process Control
& Instrumentation Series

This virtual event series explores the fundamental technologies and topics essential to your plant's operations. This event provides process automation professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge regarding safety, quality, compliance, instrumentation, measurement, and maintenance.

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Mark Your Calendar for ISA's 2021 Virtual Conference Series!

ISA Upstream Data Analytics Virtual Conference
22 February 2021

ISA Analysis Division Virtual Conference
23 March 2021

ISA IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Conference
11 May 2021

ISA Digital Transformation Virtual Conference
31 August 2021

ISA Cybersecurity Standards Implementation Virtual Conference
19 October 2021

ISA Process Industry Virtual Conference
2 November 2021

ISA Upstream Data Analytics Virtual Conference
22 February 2021
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET

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Learn the principles behind creating a robust, modern data analytics program that improves efficiency, optimizes reservoir depletion strategies, drives down costs, and decreases health, safety, and environmental risks in unconventional drilling applications.

ISA Connect LIVE Schedule

Connect Live with the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division
What value can Digital Twins add to the Food and Pharma industries?
4 February
8:00 am ET


Connect Live with the Communications Division
Time Sensitive Networks (TSN), Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), and OPC
10 February
10:00 am ET

Connect Live with Your ISA Presidents
11 February
10:00 am ET

Connect Live with the Communications Division
Industrial Wireless Systems (SCADA and ISA100)
24 February
12:00 pm ET

Connect Live with the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division
Time What Are the Biggest New Challenges in Automation as the Result of the Pandemic?
4 March
8:00 am ET

Connect Live Fireside Chat - Jim Keaveney
12 March
4:30 pm ET

Connect Live with the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division
Digital Transformation: the Path to Digital Maturity - People, Regulatory, and Technology Factors
1 April
8:00 am ET

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Looking to sponsor an ISA virtual conference or webinar in 2021?

ISA’s virtual conferences offer powerful insights into key operational and business topics, enabling automation professionals to increase their knowledge and network with peers from the comfort and safety of their phone or desktop.

Sponsorship packages include logo recognition throughout the virtual platform, sponsored push notifications during the event, a turnkey virtual booth with downloadable content and chat functionality, complete attendee reports for lead generation, and much more.

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In addition to these virtual events, ISA also offers a full curriculum of expert-led, independent training courses for engineers and technicians.

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